Hi Y'all

Some of you have had a hard winter and hopefully it is getting better.

 Its going to be a long hot summer here in Florida. Probably with lots and lots of rain

Now its time to start thinking of painting. 

I am still working on my website--I am offering Etchall products now.

 I  just added some new designs, I hope you enjoy them, and I will adding more soon.
I always enjoy meeting some of you at the convention shows that have ordered and emailed and signed my Guestbook. Speaking of Guest book, I lost my old one with all the wonderful entries in it, I would appreciate it if you could sign it. 

This site will give you two ways of using your credit card, you can enter your card number on my secure site, or you can still use PayPal if you prefer. (And of course, you can still call me and give me the number over the phone). I take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, CK, MO, or PayPal.
Pattern packets are Postage Paid.
A wood kit contains all the pieces of quality blank wood, including the quartered ball knob for feet. (Pattern not included).
If you have any suggestions or tips to make this website better, please feel free to do so. 
       I can be reached by phone
(407) 671-9473 or by email

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